“…stereofysh is a fresh project by the siblings gunnar (electronics) and lysann zander (vox) who literally have been making music together their whole lives: acoustic, electronic, in the depths of soul and jazz, or in the wide world of the dance floor. stereofysh are interplay and compromise, counter pole and unity. and lars zander (reeds) knows exactly how to play the game: with tasteful and cheeky clarinets, flutes, and saxophone.

stereofysh live performances allow the audience to become part of their family affairs: without artificial distance, playful in the expression of their music, always developing in close touch with the audience, kind and powerful.

with their debut ep wannado, stereofysh offered a piece of music that sounds like a mixture of house, dub, jazz, and pop may sound: beautiful and different, familiar and original at the same time. in their latest ep ZANDERDOME stereofysh have cultivated their lust for experiments and a “we do as we please” attitude that just keeps us more than curious …”